Home Rentals, Carbondale, IL


You can find our listing of properties on this web site, in the Daily Egyptian (the SIUC student newspaper), or by stopping by our office and picking up a list of available properties.  Then all you need to do is call Home Rentals at 618-529-1082 to set up a viewing appointment for the specific places you would like to see.  Our staff will be happy to assist you with selecting properties suitable for your needs.  In some buildings and town homes, trash removal is included. You will be responsible for electric/gas, water, telephone, etc.

1. Q. Who should I contact for utility information?”

     A. Utility Setup:
In general, you will want to call to set up your utilities AT LEAST a week before move in.

Home Rentals has a contact that can set you up on the electric saving program.  We highly suggest doing this to get your maximum monthly utility savings.
Just follow these easy steps:


Contact Ameren 1-888-789-2477


City of Carbondale 618-549-5302

In general, this must be done in person, and a $100 deposit is usually required.
If you are at a townhouse with a dumpster, you must let them know this so you are not billed for City trash services.

2. Q. Do I need to buy my own refrigerator and stove?

    A. All of our rentals include a refrigerator and stove. Select properties may include other appliances and furnishings.

3. Q. When can I move in?”

    A. Our leases normally run from August 18th through August 12th of the following year.

4. Q. Can I pay by semester or in full upon execution of the lease?

    A. Yes.  Please inform us of your choice when making your lease signing appointment with the receptionist.

5. Q. How should I place a maintenance requests?

    A. It is necessary that all maintenance requests be given to office personnel, not directly to maintenance personnel in the field.  Our office is open from 9-5, Monday through Friday, and requests may be left on our answering machine during off hours.

6. Q. How can I renew my lease?

    A. Our current tenants are given first option to renew their leases until February 1st of their current lease year. After this date, anyone can lease the residence.

7. Q. Will I need a parking permit?

    A. Parking permits are necessary for certain apartment buildings and houses. Parking lots are towed 24 hours a day. To receive a parking permit, you will need current proof of insurance, registration and your drivers license. You must be on the lease in order to be eligible for a parking permit. Guest parking is not provided. Parking permits must be renewed if you renew your lease.

8. Q. What do I need to do to get my security deposit back?

    A. Upon move-out, you must stop by our office to return all keys, leave a forwarding address for your refund check, and fill out a lease termination form (if you are vacating the unit before your lease expires). Contact us in advance if you need to make other arrangements to complete the move-out process. Deposit refunds are issued within 30 days of expiration of the lease.

9. Q. How can I ensure that I will have the fewest possible deductions?

    A.  The most common deduction is for cleaning expenses.  If you do not remove all of your belongings and clean your apartment, a large amount of your deposit could be withheld.  The amount returned is not affected by the condition of the unit when you took possession. Each property is issued a standard carpet cleaning charge.  This charge varies depending on the size of your dwelling and condition of the carpet upon move-out.